In compiling this material, I am grateful for the help of many dealers, collectors, researchers, librarians, archivists, and family descendants. These include Gavin Smith, Robin Turner, Dr. John Carpenter, Gordon Clarke, Peter Jones, Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, June Gould, Dr. Jonathan Oates, Deborah Crown, Margaret Poulton, Carol Griffiths, Alison Saunders, Tom Lynch, Veronica Jacobi, Dr. Robert La France (Ball State University), Krystle Satrum (Huntington Library), Richard Morgan, Rachael Daggett, Edward Klekowski, Kevin Ogilvie-White, Daisy Morant, and Stephanie Rolfe. Bob Armstrong and Anne Williams provided helpful information about jigsaw puzzles. Kevin Alves has been an important collaborator in framing my Brewer collection.  Special thanks to John Hughes of Bracebridge Gallery and archivist to the Fine Art Trade Guild ( for identifying the many editions of works by members of the Brewer family authorized by the Guild.


I'm a retired music association executive and magazine editor living near Cape Cod in Massachusetts, USA. Because of my wife's family connection to James Alphege Brewer, we began collecting his etchings in 2015. The biographical references to him were sketchy to say the least and often wrong, even with basic facts like when he was born and died and where he lived all of his life. But with the help of online searches, genealogical records, the archives of guilds, clubs, historical societies, and museums, and especially the memories of helpful Brewer and Lucas family members, his story began to come together.


The result is this website. The focus is on Brewer's etchings. His watercolors and oils are not addressed here. Brewer's woodcuts are discussed only as part of his Life Story. Some compromises were made originally in the interest of economy and in order to get better information about this impressive artist before the public as quickly as possible.


I am actively updating and correcting the website and hope to hear from other Brewer enthusiasts who have information to add to the story of his life and work. Please contact me with your suggestions and comments, using the form below or the email address,


Ben Dunham

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