Brewer's Known Woodcuts

Lake Thirlmere (& Hellvellyn), exhibited 1939 SGA, exhibited 1945 RCA

Mont Blanc, exhibited 1939 SGA
On the Dochart (Perthshire), exhibited 1939 SGA
A Kentish Homestead, exhibited 1943 RCA
The Harvest Moon, exhibited 1945 RCA
Woodcut - Lake Lugano sharper crop.JPG
Lake Lugano
The Garden at the Villa Carlotta
Lake Como (the Pergola)
Woodcut The Lone Pine 2019 eBay.JPG
The Lone Pine
Woodcut The Pool of London 3_edited.jpg
The Pool of London
Woodcut - The Wetterhorn (Grindlewald).J
The Wetterhorn (Grindlewald)
Unnamed mountain and lake

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