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A Searchable List of Etchings by J. Alphege Brewer

This list of just over 300 etchings has been compiled from etchings in my personal collection, those owned by other collectors and Brewer family members, online auction listings, past sales records, and most importantly, the archives of the Fine Art Trade Guild. Please use the contact page to provide information about Brewer etchings that have not yet been listed and for corrections. (If table doesn't show, check browser and change settings to accept all cookies.)

Artist: (JAB=J. Alphege Brewer; HCB=Henry C. Brewer; FSB=F. Sherrin Brewer. Edition=Number of impressions authorized
in edition (not necessarily all of them sold). Stamp=Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG)  and its predecessor, the Printsellers' Association (PA). Dimensions of image=In inches, horizontal first (some listings may be reversed because of inconsistent source material). Date=Recorded by PA/FATG or otherwise determined. Copyright=Date of copyright when known to be different from PA/FATG listing. Brackets indicate identifying description not in the title.

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